J.P. Morgan prepares college students to enter the fast growing digital healthcare industry

J.P. Morgan and the Non-Profit Incubator (NPI) today jointly announced the successful conclusion of their workforce readiness project which helped college students enter the fast growing digital healthcare industry in China. Representatives from J.P. Morgan and the digital healthcare companies, as well as about 100 students, attended the graduation commencement at Shanghai Polytechnic University today.

The 12-month program provided students with well-designed online and offline training to increase their skills, understanding and knowledge of the healthcare industry, and connected qualified participants to internships at major digital healthcare companies. The program benefited 508 students and 91 obtained internship opportunities as a result.

“J.P. Morgan is pleased to have supported this program and the impact it has created for the students. Workforce readiness is one of the focus areas of JPMorgan Chase’s philanthropic initiatives globally. We believe helping people develop the skills they need to compete for today’s jobs can transform lives and strengthen economies. We are also proud to see that around 40 J.P. Morgan employees volunteered 380 hours into this program as mentors to the students. ” said Noel Sze, Head of Human Resources of J.P. Morgan China.

“China is a key market for J.P. Morgan globally and for our clients. We are fully committed to China and have a strategic long term approach to our business in the country. As China evolves into a knowledge-based economy, we have seen the needs for China to transform a large unskilled labor force into a talented high-value one. Over the past few years, we’ve launched a series of philanthropic programs in the areas of workforces readiness and skills training, which are expected to benefit nearly 160,000 people in need. This is a clear demonstration of our commitment to China. ” said David Li, Chairman and CEO of J.P. Morgan China.