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In volatile markets, you need a partner who sees beyond the everyday.

Our innovative platform uniquely combines the people, products, tools and capital that you need to leverage opportunities and manage risk locally as well as around the world.

Your everyday needs require exceptional support, throughout all market conditions.


China Bond Connect

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Innovations in Finance
with Machine Learning

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A strong partner in key local hubs as well as the world’s largest emerging markets.


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  • Markets professionals in 15 Asia Pacific cities
  • Mainland China branch network spanning 8 cities - further advancing onshore capabilities
  • Doubling equity research coverage of China-listed companies to 200+

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  • #1 Investment Bank globally
    (Source: Coalition FY2017)
  • #1 in Markets globally
    (Source: Coalition FY2017)
  • #1 Global Research firm (Source: Institutional Investor 2017)

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Innovative concepts
and execution

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  • $10.8bn firm-wide global technology investment – $5bn dedicated to new initiatives
  • Award-winning mobile FX platform that’s executed trades as large as $400m
  • Member of 21 Asia Pacific equities trading venues and additional global groups

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Technology is rapidly reshaping the markets landscape. We will help you stay ahead of the curve with our ongoing investment in cutting-edge trading tools, digital products and mobile services.

Execute on J.P. Morgan Markets

Explore our FX, Rates and Commodities trading platform.

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Navigate the liquidity landscape across the globe while minimizing market impact.

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Technology at
our firm

Explore how we’re using technology to change the way we do business.

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Market-leading research and trade execution across multiple asset classes, including credit, equities and FX.

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Investor Services

A broad array of investor solutions that span investment strategies, fund structures and asset types.

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Treasury Services & Trade

We are a global full-service provider of cash management, liquidity, trade and escrow solutions.

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